Tug of War Team Names

In the sport of tug of war, two teams of 10 people each pull on a rope, trying to move the other team across a line. The name of a team can be important in giving them an edge over their opponents. Some teams choose names that are intimidating or suggestive of strength. Other teams go with funny or punny names.

Tug of War Team Names

Here are some examples of teams and their names.

Creative Tug of War Team Names

  • Line in the Sand
  • Drag Queens
  • Smalley Institute
  • Men of War
  • The Coping Centre
  • Yankin’ Our Chain
  • Bass Assertive Solutions
  • Tow Bros
  • Royal Care Lifestyle

Unique Tug of War Team Names

  • Lundquist Matt
  • Blue Sage Day
  • Over the Line
  • Integrative Psychotherapy
  • War Horses
  • Whale Health
  • End of Our Rope
  • Who are you as a clinician?
  • Behavioral activation

Cool Tug of War Team Names

  • Motivated
  • To the Dark Side
  • War Zone
  • Your Time Therapy Solutions
  • Haulin’ Rope
  • Taking Sides
  • Roped In
  • Integrated Feeling Therapy Center
  • Sharp Heels
  • Love and War

Funny Tug of War Team Names

  • The Pulling Dead
  • The Tugging Titans
  • The Rope Burners
  • Team Knotty
  • The Draggin’ Dogs
  • Chainsaw Massacre
  • The Inevitables
  • Wrecking Ballz
  • Robe Burn Industries

Clever Names for Tug of War Teams

  • The Tugboat Captains
  • The Pulling Powerhouses
  • The Rope Racers
  • The Strong Stretchers
  • The Tireless Titans
  • The Flexible Flyers
  • Rope Burners
  • Pulley Pointers
  • Winch Wielders

Inspirational Tug of War Team Names

  • The Barbarian Warriors: This team is sure to intimidate their opponents before even stepping onto the battlefield.
  • The Spartans: Just hearing this team’s name is enough to get your heart racing.
  • The Gladiators: This fierce and fearless team is ready for any opponent that stands in their way.
  • The Knights: With a name like this, you know that this team is ready to battle until the end.

Best Tug of War Team Names

  • Pull Our Rope
  • Rope Burn
  • Serenity Counseling Services
  • Pull Posse
  • All’s Fair in Tug of War
  • Pain Relievers
  • Wise Physical Therapy
  • Empower LLC
  • Rope Dopes
  • Talk Techniques
  • War and Peace
  • Depression
  • Show You the Ropes
  • Rope Force

Famous Tug of War Team Names

Some of the most famous tug of war team names are the Yale Bulldogs, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Stanford Cardinals. The Bulldogs got their name from the mascot of Yale University. The Buckeyes got their name from the nickname for Ohio State University. The Cardinals got their name from Stanford University.