Teach What You Love

In our culture, teaching has been devalued.

People think teachers are boring, uninspiring, uncreative. Teachers are seen as irrelevant, as obsolete, as dinosaurs.

The truth is, teaching is the most creative thing we can do. Teaching is the single best expression of love.

There is no greater act of service than teaching. And there is no greater joy than watching others grow.

Teachers teach because they care. They teach because they want to share knowledge. They teach because they love their students.

They teach because they want to leave this world a little bit better than they found it.

They teach because, at the end of the day, they want to be remembered.

Teaching is an art form. It’s an act of creation. It’s an expression of love.

Teaching does not happen by accident. It happens by choice.

Teaching is a calling. A vocation. A sacred duty.

Teaching is the highest expression of creativity.

And teaching is the ultimate act of service.

Teaching is what makes us human.