There’s a lot of talk these days about science, but most of it is nonsense.

Most of what passes for scientific research is based on the same flawed assumptions that got us into this mess in the first place.

Most scientists operate under the assumption that there is some objective truth out there somewhere. Some universal set of rules that govern the universe.

They assume that if they look long enough and hard enough, they’ll eventually find it.

And once they’ve found it, they’ll understand it.

Then they’ll apply it to every problem they encounter.

In other words, they believe in the existence of an external authority. A higher power. Someone who has all the answers.

In fact, most scientists believe that the only thing standing between them and the ultimate truth is pure stubbornness.

They believe that if they work hard enough, they’ll beat nature at its own game.

They’ll figure out how to bend the laws of physics to their will.

They believe that they can make the impossible possible.

They believe that with enough effort, they can defy the odds.

But they’re wrong.

Because there is no such thing as absolute truth. There is no higher power. There is no objective order.

There is only the human mind.

What makes humans different from animals is our ability to question. To ask ourselves questions. To explore. To experiment.

To develop theories. To test those theories against reality.

The great thing about the scientific method is that it forces us to confront reality.

If we don’t confront reality, then we’re doomed to repeat history. We’ll keep falling victim to the same old patterns.

We’ll keep believing the same old lies.

We’ll keep repeating the same old mistakes.

And we’ll never break free from the cycle.
That’s why I’m a scientist. That’s why I believe in science.