9 Reasons Why Volunteering Is So Important

Volunteerism has become an increasingly popular activity among young adults.

It is estimated that there are over 1 million volunteers in the United States alone. And, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, volunteering is one of the most effective ways to give back to the community.

In fact, volunteering is so beneficial that it has been shown to improve physical health, social relationships, self-esteem, and life satisfaction.

Here are nine reasons why volunteering is so important.

1. It Helps Build Self-Esteem

When you volunteer, you’re helping others. This helps you feel better about yourself.

You may think that you don’t deserve anything special, but volunteering shows that you do.

2. It Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

Helping others makes you feel good about yourself. You may not realize it, but volunteering gives you a sense of accomplishment.

3. It Can Improve Your Social Life

Volunteering allows you to interact with people who share similar interests. This can lead to friendships and romantic relationships.

4. It Improves Your Health

Studies show that volunteering improves your overall health. For example, volunteering has been found to decrease stress levels and increase feelings of happiness.

5. It May Help Prevent Depression

Research shows that volunteering can prevent depression. In fact, volunteering has been shown to decrease symptoms of depression.

6. It Can Lead To A Better Job

Volunteering can lead to a better job. Studies show that employers prefer applicants who volunteer.

7. It’s Free

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer without spending any money. Some organizations offer free training programs. Others require no fees at all.

8. It Can Make You More Money

Some organizations pay their employees to volunteer. If this is true for your organization, you could earn extra cash.

9. It Can Be Fun

Volunteering can be very rewarding. You may find that you enjoy the experience.

So, next time you decide to volunteer, remember these nine reasons why volunteering is such a positive thing.