Handball Team Names

Do you play handball? Maybe you’ve played before, maybe not. Either way, you probably have a team name. But how do you choose a team name? What should you consider?

When choosing a team name, you need to make sure that it’s unique, memorable, and fits with your branding. In this article, I’ll share ome examples of team names from around the web.

Handball Team Names

Fun Handball Team Names

  • Valuable Possessions
  • Dribble Down
  • Handballers
  • Great Balls of Fire
  • First Wave
  • Doubling Down
  • Goal Getters
  • Court Crew
  • Get in Formation
  • In Good Hands

Creative Handball Team Names

  • Pass Posse
  • Fireballs
  • Common Goal
  • Handball Hustlers
  • 7×7
  • Shot Through the Heart
  • Down and Outfield
  • On the Attack
  • Ball Busters
  • Nothing But Net

Handball Team Names Ideas

  • Goal Oriented
  • Hands Up
  • Net Navigators

Handball teams should have unique names that reflect the personality of each team. This is an essential part of creating a successful handball team. If the name of the team does not represent its personality then the team may struggle to win matches.

Tips to help you choose a name for your handball team

Think about what makes your team special. What do you love about your team? Do you enjoy playing together? Does your team have a special bond? These are things you should consider when choosing a name for your team.

Think about your team’s history. How did your team come into existence? Did you play together as children? Is there a special story behind your team’s formation?

Consider your team’s future. Will your team continue to exist in the future? Are you going to change your team’s name?

Make sure you choose something that has meaning. If you choose a name that means nothing to you then your team won’t feel connected to it. Choose something that represents your team’s personality.

Choose something catchy. Make sure your team name is memorable. Think about the type of person who would remember your team’s name. Would it be a parent, friend, or teacher?

Make sure your team name is short and simple. Don’t use too many words. Try to avoid using acronyms.

Don’t forget to include the word ‘handball’ in your team name. It helps people understand what your team is all about.

Remember to think about the colour of your team’s uniform. The colour of your team’s uniforms reflects your team’s personality. For example, if your team is blue, then they should have blue uniforms. If your team is red, then they should have red uniforms.

Have you ever heard of a team called ‘The Red Devils’? They are one of the most famous football (soccer) clubs in the world. Their name comes from their team colours – red and black.

Do you want to create a unique name for your handball club? Then read this article to find out more about naming your handball team.