Firefighters Don’t Settle For Good Enough

In most professions, there is an unwritten rule: If you settle for good enough, you will never improve.

If you settle for good enough you will never reach your potential.

If you settle with good enough, you will always be a second rate version of yourself.

Settling for good enough is a formula for mediocrity.

Firefighters understand this. Firefighters understand that if they settle for good enough, they may save some lives but they will also burn a lot of them.

They know that if they settle for less than perfect, they might miss something important. But they also know that if they don’t settle at all, they could risk losing a house, a child, a friend, even their own life.

So firefighters work hard, day after day, night after night, to make sure they never settle for good enough.

They fight fires every day. And they fight fires until the fire is put out.

Until the last ember has been extinguished. Until the last flame has been snuffed out.

Because settling for good enough is a recipe for disaster.

Good enough is never good enough.