Fight Like A Firefighter

I’m going to teach you how to fight like a firefighter. How to put out fires before they start.How to spot danger before it catches.How to protect yourself against the threats that lurk around every corner.

I’ll show you three ways to do that. Three ways to save yourself from harm.Three ways to keep your sanity.

First, I’ll teach you the most important skill a fireman needs: observation.

Observation doesn’t mean watching television. Observation means paying attention. Paying close attention to what’s happening around you.

You might notice something strange. Something dangerous. Something weird. Something wrong.

You’ll need to pay attention in order to find out what’s really going on.

Second, I’ll teach you how to identify potential problems before they turn into disasters.

Disaster happens when you ignore warning signs. Disaster happens when you refuse to acknowledge red flags. Disaster happens when you let down your guard.

Every moment counts. Every second counts. You only have so many seconds to act.

Finally, I’ll teach you two more essential skills. Two more ways to protect yourself from harm.Two more ways to prevent disaster from striking.

There’s a third way to protect yourself from harm and there’s a fourth way to avoid disaster.

The third way is about control. The fourth way is about choice.

Control means knowing who can hurt you and who can help you. Control means knowing which levers you can pull. Control means knowing what you can afford.

Control means knowing where you stand with other people.

Knowledge is power. And knowledge is the best weapon you can use against anyone threatening harm.